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Morocco Travels Agency

Hi there! I’m Mostafa the manager of Morocco Travel Agency , I live in Fez, I have a smitten of humor, and I like travel & exploring new places .

(Welcome to morocco and enjoy your Tours and Trips.)

e organize perfect trips all over Morocco.

We want you to enjoy and be moved by your experience here, whether it’s your first time, or a return trip.

We want you to see our beautiful country in the way you want to.

We will design a trip that suits the way you travel, and what you value.

Do you want Luxury? Adventure? Simplicity? There are so many ways to focus your time here, let’s choose the right things for you.

Throughout, OmegaTours takes care of everything, from the day you land, until the moment we say goodbye at the airport.

We handle all the logistics: in-country travel planning; book accommodations; and provide comfortable, private transportation.

But the most important thing is our people: Omega’s knowledgeable, friendly guides and drivers know and love this land, and love to share it with visitors.

We also have a wonderful network of people to host and help you go deeper in what you care to see: the freedom to explore in balance with your safety.
Come and see Morocco with us! You won’t be disappointed.