Cooking section in Morocco

Cooking section in Morocco

Our company has the great pleasure to offer its loyal clients a set of benefits which go hand in hand with their tours in Morocco.

Now let’s go over the specifity of this service :

Morocco’s interaction with multiple cultures throughout the time enables our cuisine to be an intermix of Mediterranean, Andalusian  and Berber  cuisine.

That’s why the greatest cities as Fez, Marrakech , Rabat  and Tetouen as well  have  always been the leading basics of
Moroccan cuisine.

We will start by moving to a scurrying local market to  the shopping of all the ingredients  needed to prepare special Moroccan dishes.

Then we turn back to the working place where you’re going to experience your masterwork.

Once you finish the cooking course which may endure from 9: 30 a.m to 2 : 30 p.m , you will enjoy your own home-made meal.